Mark Fraser

Experience:8+ Years


Mark Fraser

Head Coach


Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser has been involved in strength and conditioning training in Dover since competing in national karate championships as a teenager over 25 years ago! Because of this love of quality movement, and a passion for teaching, he took a level 2 gym instructors certificate and the BAWLA Leaders certificate back in 2002. Mark continued working in care until 2008 when his son came along and he started nurse training at Canterbury Christchurch. During this time, he came across Greg Glassman’s lecture;

“What is fitness”

He became absolutely hooked and after studying everything that was available online, he went to CrossFit London (the only box in the country at that time) and took the I-course. This still wasn’t enough.  He traveled to an American Airforce base in Chievres, Belgium and took the CrossFit level one certification.

As the first certified CrossFit instructor in Kent, Mark started ‘The Sunday Sinbin’ a CrossFit styled boot-camp class.  This ran for more than a year. Mark became more and more intrigued by coaching every single class!

The next stage was becoming affiliated as White Cliffs CrossFit.  Mark was affiliate holder and coach for the financial owner from opening day. As WCCF expanded, Mark left nursing to coach CrossFit and PT clients full time.  Mark developed a special love of working with people with zero exercise history and health problems. Mark then took the level 2 coaching certificate and several GMB gymnastics courses. He continued his coach education with CrossFit, studying for a year to take the CrossFit Level 3 exam, which has only 21 holders in the UK. He then passed the elements and demonstrated the necessary first aid training, coaching hours, insurance and continuing commitment to CrossFit methodology and continuing professional development to call himself a Certified CrossFit Trainer.

Channel CrossFit

Channel CrossFit was born from a need for creative freedom in the programming direction, a passion for quality movement, and a love for inclusive fitness for all. Any level of fitness is welcome. Starting is the most important step. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

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