Jo Testimonial

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So it turns out I’ve been half arsing it in the gym my whole life. Although something is better than nothing as they say. I’ve had poor form squatting, rowing, general weightlifting. Suffered lower back pain pretty much always and didn’t know why. I have a chronic pain condition, a 3 year old, 2 dogs, a full time job, all the normal chores of a working woman. (Don’t panic I don’t want a medal). I did nothing but complain how tired I was but somehow couldn’t sleep at night.

I’m only 4 sessions in & I’ve already lost inches. I’ve learnt more than I ever have, am on my way to overcoming something I was very anxious about starting. I have tonnes more energy than before & as if by magic I’ve fallen asleep pretty much every night before midnight which is basically unheard of for me. I vowed not to spew off about it loads because I’m trying not to put any pressure on myself. But I’ve also had a business in this town and it’s not easy building it up without positive feedback & word of mouth. Genuinely if you want someone who isn’t just going to tell you once and leave you to get on with it. Who actually gives a shit & cares about your progression, form, technique & every element of your knowledge & learning. Then go see Mark Fraser at cannot recommend it enough.